Your rights to use the lake parcel are at continued risk!


Unfortunately, there is a small but vocal element of property owners adjacent to the eastern edge of the lakes who are trying to take advantage of the transfer of ownership of the lake parcel as a reason to claim exclusive use and even ownership of the single most valuable piece of property in Serene Lakes Ė the lakefront. They have never owned this land and certainaly donít own it now Ė the property owners of the water district own it.


The water district has worked hard on this issue for several years, but as of this writing, there are still active lawsuits and continued work on a 2015 lake management plan as the 2014 plan was allowed to expire. Check the Sierra Lakes County Water District web site for more on these activities.


Please call or email me so we can make sure our interests are protected even if you donít own a parcel on the lake.


Ken Nittler

530-305-1685 cell


Some Documents on the issues:


Reservation of Use Granted to all Serene Lakes Property Owners

Rights to use Lake Parcel Recreation Areas

No Borders between Access Points and the Strip




One of the components of the Land Trust bying the Royal Gorge property is that it includes the lake bottom and adjacent strips of lake front land. While helping to buy the Royal Gorge property and making sure that the water district eventually owns the lake bottom makes great sense to me, I am concerned about ensuring that the lake access we all enjoy is protected as this important purchase is made.


In the map below from the water district, the shaded areas are the strips of land that are owned as part of the lake bottom parcel. As you can see, it is a significant area that includes valuable lake access points such as those near roads.


If you are like minded and want to make sure that lake access for all property owners is maintained, please send me your contact information so we can make sure our interests are preserved.


Letís Buy it Ė while protecting lake access as well.


Ken Nittler

530-305-1685 cell